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  St. Peter
Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

11423 Chicago Road
Warren, Michigan 48093

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"What Should We Do" Guidelines
In time of need or changes in your life's travels.

Many Congregations have special arrangements caring for the benefit of members.
At our St. Peter's we are committed to our members here are some of our benefits
explained for you to check out and compare us to other places of worship.


If you know of someone who is in the hospital or is ill, please contact our church office with the information so that arrangements can be made for our Pastor to visit the patient. Please let us know as soon as possible for there are often multiple ailing members that our Pastor needs to visit and appointments need to be set up in advance.

Our Pastor makes every attempt to visit our “homebound” on a regular basis. If you know of someone who should be visited, contact our office with the information. Please be aware that hospital visits take priority over “home” visits and that at times “home” visits need to be rescheduled. 

Notify the church office as soon as possible with any address and/or phone number changes either by mail, email, or phone call.

Transfer to another church; write a letter to our pastor, state the name of the new church and address to which you would like to transfer to be removed from the church roster, submit a letter to the pastor asking for a release from the church

You are planning to get married and you want to have the wedding ceremony at St. Peter's.  Congratulations:  notify the church as soon as possible (at least three (6) months notice) coordinate dates with our Pastor and Hall.  Complete informational form, attend premarital counseling sessions and plan service with Pastor

You want to have your child baptized - i.e. you want your child baptized into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Please give us time to give you as parents and/or sponsors the opportunity to talk about the theological content of baptism and what it means to your child and you.  Four (4) weeks notice complete informational form.

One of your loved ones passes away, this is a sad event which however is a part of our lives.  Contact THE CHURCH IMMEDIATELY and give our pastor a chance to talk to the funeral home you have chosen to make proper arrangements.  Our pastor will meet with you for counseling and for preparation of the funeral service; our the secretary will be notified and bulletins will be prepared, the sermon will be written, an organist and the custodian contacted

  • TWO FULL DAYS are required to prepare a service (for example: if a death occurs on Monday, Tuesday & Wed. are required to prepare the service, the funeral would on Thursday).
  • FOR NON MEMBERS of St. Peters Lutheran Church there are some exceptions please refer to these other pages for helpful information for:  ( Protestant denominations ) or ( Roman Catholics ) printable pages

  We hope these guidelines you have found helpful and will avoid any misunderstandings as you become more a part of St. Peter's Lutheran Church and for our members.

In Christ's name,
St. Peter's Lutheran Church

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