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Saint Peter Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
11423 Chicago Road
Warren, Michigan 48093


Roman Catholic Christians who desire a funeral conducted by our Pastor of 
Saint Peter Lutheran Church should consider the following
Some points that you should consider before making this decision:


The Lutheran Church does not dispense the Sacrament of Last Rite.
U A funeral in the Lutheran Church is NOT A SACRAMENT according to Catholic Church laws and traditions.
U The Catholic Church does not accept a Lutheran funeral as valid, because the Catholic Church does not accept the Lutheran Church as a Church.
U A Lutheran Pastor is not eligible to conduct funerals for Catholic Christians.

However there are exceptions as follows:
The Pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Church could consider conducting 
a funeral for deceased Catholic Christians, if the following applies:

U A desire to have a funeral conducted by the Pastor of St. Peterís Lutheran Church has been put in writing
(Living Will).
U A close family member of the deceased expresses the will to have the funeral at St. Peterís Lutheran Church on behalf of the deceased in a way that is credible.
U The Catholic Christian expresses the desire to have the funeral conducted by the Pastor of St. Peterís Lutheran Church to him/her in his/her lifetime and is aware of the consequences.
U The Pastor of St. Peterís Lutheran Church reviews every case and makes a final decision. 
Another way to earn the right for a St. Peter Lutheran Church funeral
 is to be become a member of the Church:
Catholic Christians who are considering membership in the Lutheran Church are required to take classes in order to learn the basics, accept, and believe in the Evangelical Lutheran Church confession of Faith before being approved as members by the council.
Please be aware of the following:
With conversion to the Evangelical Lutheran Church a former Catholic loses the right to receive Eucharist of the Catholic Church and to receive the Sacrament of the Last Rites.

General Guidelines:

U The pastor of St. Peterís Lutheran Church has the right to deny the request for a funeral of a non-member.
U In case of two concurring funerals church members have the preference.
U Funerals for non-members are generally not conducted in the sanctuary of Saint Peter's Lutheran Church.

An Advice:

When conveying the desire to have your funeral conducted by the pastor of St. Peterís Lutheran Church in your Living Will Do not mention the pastor by name, because it could be possible that this person is not the pastor of St. Peterís any more at the time you pass away.
In Christ's name,
St. Peter Lutheran Church