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St. Peter
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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

11423 Chicago Road
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      Church History and Notes
St Peters Founded February 1930

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Started at 12203 Glenfield Detroit!

Organized February 22, 1930

Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church

    Through the initiative of Pastor John Teutsch, our Congregation was called into existence in Detroit on 22 February 1930 with 141 members.  In the following years this Church building on Glenfield Road was constructed.

    Our Congregation grew, continuing to keep the main Sunday worship service in German. of over 614 members over 500 came from Europe.  From 1948 thru 1952 our Congregation sponsored 213 families wanting to come from Europe to the Detroit Michigan area.

Third lot was purchased!

Further properties are added:

    Our growing Congregation was hard-pressed by the economic crisis of the Thirties.  Only five families could manage to keep their houses.  Nevertheless, our congregation managed to build our church building, fellowship hall, and parsonage.  After the Second World War our Congregation had a serious task to integration of the “Second Generation” of immigrants.  Folks from all areas of Europe found an entrance point and a new spiritual home, thanks be to God!

St. Peters is on the move!

11423 Chicago Road Warren, Michigan

From Detroit to Warren:

     Over the years more and more members of St. Peter moved to the suburbs of Detroit.  Therefore our Congregation decided to move to Warren in 1980.  It succeeded in acquiring marvelous property on Chicago Road, including a Church building.  In 1983 a fellowship hall was added.

    Presently each Sunday our Congregation has an English worship service with German elements to serve the Warren/Sterling Heights area younger non-German neighbors.

Throughout many trials and issues this church has survived and is still growing with non speaking German-Saxon or Transylvanian-Saxon families and includes many other nationalities
becoming a multi national speaking congregation.

       Today our congregation is a member of the  Southeast Michigan Synod of the 
                                   Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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